VIDEO: Detroit teacher screams and swears at 6th graders

A Detroit teacher was caught on camera screaming and swearing at students at a Detroit Elementary School and students say this isn't anything new.

A concerned parent contacted FOX 2 this week after she found out her students were being berated in class. The language that the teacher used should be concerning to all parents.

Aniyah Baptiste was the student who caught her teacher on a rant inside her classroom at Bethune-Fitzgerald Elementary in Detroit. 

"She calls us the, b-word, mother f***ers. Everything," Aniyah said. "She was hitting the desk and throwing papers."

Aniyah said she was scared and didn't know what would happen during this particular outburst. But she said this isn't new, she said it happens every day.

Her grandmother, Monica Holmes, called it disturbing after her daughter brought it home.

"It was mind blowing basically," Holmes said. "I was very disturbed. I didn't get any rest that evening. As soon as the doors opened I was at the school requesting a meeting."

In that meeting - they met with the dean of the Detroit Public School. 

"They said this was a credible teacher and didn't have a background has a bad day and she apologized," Holmes said.

She was given a piece of paper with the plan of action for the teacher that includes sensitivity training. The teacher wasn't suspended. 

"When she saw the video or heard the video, she should have been suspended," Holmes said.

In fact, the teacher went back to the classroom and Aniyah said she was blamed in front of the entire class.

"She said thanks to Aniyah you have to put your phones in a bucket," Aniyah said.

FOX 2 spoke with the district on Friday, a snow day. They said they are still investigating and provided this statement to FOX 2: "Upon learning of this incident this afternoon, we will be launching an investigation to determine what took place at the school. Our office has not had an opportunity to view the video. We will determine the appropriate disciplinary action upon completion of our investigation."