VIDEO: Driver slams into fallen tree

It was a scary moment for a motorist on a two-lane road about 20 miles south of Atlanta on Monday.

Michael R. Head’s dash cam was rolling as a tree came crashing down on Georgia Highway 92 near Vaughn Road in Spalding County.

The video shows a white Lexus SUV in front of Head’s truck. Ahead, a pine tree can be seen slowly crashing down across the highway.

In the video, you see the driver of the SUV slam on their brakes. The SUV ends up slamming into the nearly 3-feet thick trunk, sending the back of the SUV nearly 45 degrees into the air.

Smoke could be seen coming from the front of the SUV as the driver’s side door opened. Head can be seen getting out of his truck to check on the driver. He was joined shortly by a driver heading the opposite direction, now blocked by the tall tree.

Head said the woman was extremely shaken and had some injuries, but is expected to be okay.