VIDEO: How two thieves pickpocketed an 82-year-old at Westland Kroger

The Westland Police Department said two men were able to trap an 82-year-old man in the vestibule of a Kroger and steal his wallet.

Police are searching for two men for stealing the man's wallet after they were able to trick him into thinking he'd hit one of the men while the other stole his wallet from his back pocket.

According to police, the theft happened on Aug. 7 when the victim was leaving the Kroger on Ford Road. Video shows a man in a black shirt walking in front of him as the man pushes his cart through the exit.

Another man is following close behind and, as the victim walks through the exit, the man in front jumps as if the victim had run into him with the shopping cart.

As the victim checked on the man, the second suspect walked up and took his wallet from his back pocket.

"It happens on occasion. It's not completely unheard of, but it's not the typical way that we usually see larceny," Westland police Lt. Robert Wilkie said.

Wilkie said the victim's credit cards were used in the city shortly after the theft. 

Westland Police released brief descriptions about each man. The suspect who took the wallet is described as Black, roughly 30 years old, no facial hair, with a medium build and wearing a gray shirt with white shorts. The other suspect was described as a light-skinned Black man, over 30, standing 5'9", no facial hair, and wearing a black and white poly shirt with gray shorts. 

This incident was tied to another similar theft, police said. 

"I would feel very strongly that they've done this before. It's not something that you coordinate and set up on a whim," Wilkie said. 

Anyone with information is asked to call Westland Police at 734-722-9600.

The suspect who police said stole the victim's wallet as he checked on another man who pretended to be hit by the victim's shopping cart.