Video: Investigation launched after paramedic throws punch at patient in Macomb County

An investigation has been launched after a new cell phone video shows a first responder throwing a punch at a patient on a stretcher.

"It infuriated me. It made me really angry, cause I mean, it wasn't just a tap; I saw a full-blown punch," said Aimee, the person who obtained the video.

The incident happened Friday morning in Centerline on Loretta Street.

It appears the patient hits the EMT first — still — Aimee — a medical professional herself — says that's no excuse.

"I've been a nurse for 16 plus years, and I've endured a lot of physical abuse, emotional abuse, verbal abuse, kicked on, spit on, called names, and I've never physically put my hands on my patients," said Aimee.

Universal Ambulance Service released a statement saying:

"Our organization is taking this incident extremely seriously, and although we're still collecting information at this time, it is very concerning.  We were informed of this incident late Friday evening and began an investigation immediately.  We want to get all the information that's available regarding what happened, so that the appropriate steps can be taken next.  The role of First Responders is both extremely difficult and of critical importance to the safety of the community, but with high standards that should not and cannot be compromised.  Above all, our role is to provide life-saving medical care to patients in their most difficult moments regardless of the circumstances."

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