Video of gunmen who murdered 21, 13-year-old in car released

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Police have released video of the ambush that killed Stevan Henderson, 21, and 13-year-old Aaliyah Thomas.

Family and friends are remembering the two victims killed Tuesday afternoon when two gunmen opened fire on them.

A vigil was held for 21-year-old Steven Henderson and 13-year-old Aaliayah Thomas. The search continues for their killers as police look at new surveillance video.

There were candles and prayers with a crowd standing in a steady rain, shielding their flames from the water and wind remembering the two young victims.

On newly-released video, a Dodge Charger can be seen pulling into the party store on Hayes at Troester at 4 p.m. Tuesday. Robert Baytops was outside the store and warned the kids about riding on the hood.

"I was out here. The guy rolled up with the kids on the hood of the car," Baytops said. "I told them to get the kids off the hood of the car, it was child endangerment."

The kids climbed back on the hood for the ride home. As the Charger is pulling out onto Hayes, from a new camera angle, two men appear with guns drawn and both begin firing into the Charger.

Inside the car, Henderson and Thomas were shot and killed.  The two riding on the hood were injured from when the car crashed, trying to get away. The 13-year-old girl is in critical condition and her 7-year-old brother was injured, but will be okay.

The two shooters can be seen on the video opening fire with traffic whizzing by, killing the two in the car. Then both gunman run around the corner of the liquor store and disappear.

The police description is vague at this time, and only describes the suspects as black males, both wearing hoodies. But investigators are hoping this video of the two murders may lead to two arrests.

"The car was at the side of the building and I ran over here to help the kids," said Baytops. "One girl was in the car leaned over. The driver was dead."

If you have any information call Detroit police at (313) 596-5300 or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-SPEAK-UP.