VIDEO: Woman recovering after SUV slams into Detroit Coney island, pins her under debris

Marnasia Bracey was inside a Coney island on Detroit's east side early Saturday morning when a vehicle barreled through the entrance.

Bracey was struck and covered by debris at Zobra's Coney Island. She said she didn't know what was happening when the bricks came crashing down.

"When I looked up, I seen my daddy above me like trying to get everything off of me. I kinda blacked out at that moment. I woke up at the hospital," she said. "I thought I died and came back to life."

Her father and others helped get bricks off of her as the driver backed up and staggered out of the SUV. Surveillance video shows a woman getting out of the passenger seat and yelling at the driver. She got into the driver's seat and drove away before police arrived.

However, police know who the suspects are and will likely obtain arrest warrants. One of the suspects is currently hospitalized. 

Bracey spent two days in the hospital, but she is now home and grateful to be alive.

"I’m OK. I’m happy to be here. I’m a little scared," she said.

Bracey said her knee and hand are sprained. She is also suffering pain in her back and shoulder. 

A GoFundMe page has been created to help Bracey pay her medical bills.

The Coney island's owners plan to rebuild.