Video: Teens steal cell phones from Best Buy, lead cops on chase

Wild cell phone video of a police chase through the streets of Oakland County was taken Thursday, June 9.

That is when police say two teenage boys — just 14 and 16 — had just stolen cell phones from the Best Buy on John R in Madison Heights when an employee confronted them.  One of the teens then pulled out a gun.

According to investigators, the suspects jumped in their vehicle and took off, leading police on that chase before finally crashing in the area of I-75 and Nine Mile.

After the crash, one of the suspects ran off - but police caught up to him. Both teens were taken into custody.

"Fourteen and 16 years old is too young," said Andrea, a shopper. "They're throwing their lives away."

"What’s going on at home you know, geez, you should be home, being a kid," said Ashley Simmons, a shopper.

"You went out there - put your life on the line - other lives on the line," said Andrea. "Then you have a high-speed chase, you could have killed yourself others and more people, all because of what?"

"Look at society as a whole right now all the mass shootings all the things that are happening," said Anthony Rice. "It’s very terrifying, it’s very terrifying."