Vigil held for mental health technician who was fatally shot

Thirty-year-old Diante Davis was shot along with his friend and co-worker while they were on the job on March 30. Diante's wound would prove fatal.

"He just reached in his jacket and just started shooting… he shot Diante first and then pointed and shot him two more times while he was on the ground. And we just all ran… we all ran, and we didn’t know what to do," said Jaimond King, who survived the shooting.

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Surveillance video showed a group of people gathered outside the Wellness Center before the gunman started shooting.

"He should have never been on grounds," Jaimond said. "He lied to us and told us a fake name."

FOX 2 previously reported that Diante and Jaimond were security guards, but new information revealed that they were mental health technicians. One of their primary duties is to deal with patients who have behavioral problems.

"When it comes to the work that we do, it's a brotherhood. Diante was my brother."

It is unclear if the shooter was a patient at the facility.

"He’d been here actually for like seven days. He wasn't even checking in or nothing… all our members are supposed to check in," Jaimond said.

Due to privacy concerns, Team Wellness couldn't confirm nor deny if the suspect was staying at the mental health facility.

Diante's family and friends said their goodbyes on Sunday at the vigil. They also vowed to stand strong together.

"Look around you. Do you see anybody running? I see people standing together. I see people saying hey there is something bigger than us happening right now."

Diante's killer is still wanted by police.

Anyone interested in donating to the family can do so through their two GoFundMe's. One was set up to help Diante's wife and kids, and the other to help Diante's friend