Vigil held to remember mother and son killed in Inkster police crash

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Family and friends gathered in Inkster to mourn a mother and her 10-year-old son who were involved in a crash Friday, which also involved an Inkster Police cruiser. 

"I just really miss my mom and my brother it's not the same home don't feel like home,"

In an instant, Gia Caple lost her mother and little brother.

"I can't hear my mom's voice and I can feel my baby's energy no more it's just not the same. It don't feel right," Caple said.

A vigil was held Sunday night for Oweeta Wilkins and 10-year-old Aaron Wilkins who were hit and killed Friday night. They were in Oweeta's Buick on Cherry Hill near Inskter, heading to Happy's Pizza to pick up food, and say hi to Gia.

An Inkster police officer en-route to a call of a child hit by a car broadsided Oweeta's car as she turned. Michigan State Police are investigating.

They tell FOX 2 the officer's lights were on, but they are waiting on dash cam video and information from the squad car's black box to see if his sirens were also activated.

Witnesses: Inkster police car had no sirens on when it hit, killed mother and son in crash
Woman and child killed in crash with Inkster police car

This night, one to remember, Oweeta leaves behind two children.

"Oweeta was so funny. She made me laugh all the time, that was her. And I'm going to miss her," Oweeta's older sister Adrena Crowder said.

Her oldest sister shared some memories of Aaron, the little boy who they say took after his mom.

"He loved to dance and knew all the latest moves he loved to play sports of all kinds," she said.

They're leaning on a big circle of family and friends to make it through this dark time.

The officer involved suffered minor injuries from this crash. We are expected to learn more about the moments leading up to this tragedy, early this week.