Viking ship stops in Detroit during expedition around world

It's not every day that you see a Viking ship stopped in Detroit.

The Viking Octantis stopped at the Port of Detroit as part of a trip that started a month ago in Antarctica.

"We're on our honeymoon, our honeymoon cruise we started March 3 in Antarctica, all the way to Detroit," Dina Sterr said.

Sterr and Kerry Millerick are from Los Angeles and have been on board the ship for weeks. They are finishing up on the Great Lakes with stops in Alpena, Mackinac Island, and ending up in Milwaukee.

While in Michigan, they took a trip to the Henry Ford Museum and Greenfield Village.

"We're going to come back on a driving tour, so we can spend more time in Detroit. There's so much to see," Millerick said.

The ship is the first of many Detroit will see this year.

"This is our first docking of the year, Viking Octantis, the first of eight visits from this ship. There's another Viking ship Polaris that's also going to visit us eight times. We'll have 67 dockings this year, which is more than we've ever had – 11 different ships, maybe 12,000 passengers," said Mark Schrupp, the executive director of the Detroit/Wayne County Port Authority. "We have 12,000 visitors who are going to have a great time in Detroit. They're coming from all over the world, they're going to go home and tell their family and friends what a great time they had here in Detroit."