Florida semi-truck shooting video: Tossed water bottle led to shootout between drivers on I-75, officials say

Wild video captured the moment a semi-truck driver in Florida allegedly pulled out a gun while driving on Interstate 75, pointed it out the window, and fired it – twice – at another semi-truck driver, following an apparent feud over a thrown water bottle, according to the Marion County Sheriff's Office. And it was all apparently caught on the suspect's own dashboard camera.

The incident started on Sunday, March 3, on southbound I-75 in Ocala when a semi truck driver – later identified as 43-year-old Dylan Belleastin – allegedly threw a water bottle at another semi truck driver while driving on the highway, MCSO said. The other semi-truck driver then pulled over with the intent to confront him about it, but decided against it, and continued to drive down the freeway. 

The man told deputies that Belleastin then pulled behind the man's truck, then alongside it, and pulled out a black handgun and fired multiple shots at his truck, hitting it and causing nearly $5,000 in damage, according to the arrest report.


Credit: Marion County Sheriffs Office

The victim told deputies that after his truck was shot, he slammed on the brakes and then grabbed his own gun and fired five shot's at Belleastin's truck out of fear for his own life, the report said. Belleastin also slammed on his brakes, then sped up again, pulling alongside the other driver, and allegedly fired another round of gunfire, according to the arrest report.

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The victim eventually pulled over into a Love's Travel Stop at 7791 NW 47th Avenue in Ocala, Florida, and contacted law enforcement. Deputies said Belleastin also pulled into the Love's Travel Stop near the scales, but eventually drove away and continued southbound on I-75.

Deputies found Belleastin days later in Ocala and arrested him on several charges, including a deadly missile, possession of a firearm during the commission of a felony, aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, and felony criminal mischief. At last check, he was being held on bond.