Virtual classes on course amid COVID-19 crisis, traditional classrooms may fall behind

Angela Brandenburg's classes haven't skipped a beat amid the COVID-19 crisis. That's because her school - Michigan Great Lakes Virtual Academy is already online.

“We have that ability to be flexible for every student - their school is at home with them so whatever they need to do we are able to accommodate for that,” she said.

They've had to cancel in-person clubs and meetings but continue with regular classes. Brandenburg says as a parent whose own child has been impacted by the school closures due to COVID-19, she's concerned for the many students who may not be able to complete the academic year in their traditional classrooms.

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“As a parent, I have children home too. I have a daughter who is in a brick and mortar who is home now and the concern is there -- what are we going to do about this gap and for the online students already with us - there isn't going to be a gap,” she said.

It’s a gap that's growing even wider, especially given the governor's order on Monday to stay home. The order means that schools will remain closed at least through April 13.

Some districts are calling on the governor to make that decision immediately. The Detroit Public School superintendent says they need time to prepare an online curriculum and get laptops to the students.

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Brandenburg says the current crisis could have more parents considering an online school for their children and she says her students take their schooling seriously.

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