Visitor tours for Michigan Central Station extended until Monday

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The train station, one of Detroit’s iconic buildings. For years the vacant building has been a symbol of the city’s decline, but now this building is getting new life.

Today Ford held another round of public tours. This building which was a popular stop for trespassers, is getting some legal visitors for the first time in decades. 

Many people loving what they see. 

“If you’re in this place you understand it’s a majestic and beautiful building so you can find peace in it, everyone who’s here has told me that they feel so peaceful and its serine,” graffiti artist Fel 3000 ft said.

The tours have extended, opening up a fourth day on Monday running from 9am to 3pm.    

“We came here from upstate New York, we had to come out here to work and this was a Taj Mahal when I came in here,” Tim Kohl said. 

“Growing up never thought you’d get the opportunity to come here, and to be able to have a tour and get a feel for old school Detroit is incredible and just an amazing building. It speaks to the history of Detroit,” Royal Oak resident Eric Stein said.

People have to pre-register for the tours, there’s a huge waiting list, however if you want to get on the waiting list for the extended day Monday, click the link.