FBI: Volunteer middle school basketball coach in Oakland County filmed sex with minor

A 20-year-old Detroit man who worked as an unofficial volunteer for an Oakland County middle school basketball team has been charged with production and possession of child pornography after he allegedly had sex with a minor. 

Video that circulated in a social media group involving students that knew the minor showed Daveughn Gray engaging in sexual acts with the 12-year-old victim, a federal complaint filed on May 10 reads. 

The incident in question occurred in January 2023 after Gray had asked the victim to come over to his house in the middle of the night. The two parties had been communicating after the suspect approached the victim after school earlier in the month.

Police first became aware Gray after school faculty alerted law enforcement about a video involving one of their students in March. A screenshot of the video was shown to a teacher who alerted authorities after the female's distinctive hairstyle was recognized as being from one of the district's students. 

While there was no face in the video, police used interviews with other students, parents, as well as metadata from the victim's phone to identify Gray as the perpetrator.

When he first met the victim, Gray introduced himself as 15 years old. The victim told him he was 12 and recognized him as someone who helped out with the men's basketball team. 

Gray eventually contacted the victim on Instagram and Snapchat where he told her he liked her. Then on Jan. 10 or 11 this year, Gray invited the victim to his house and purchased an Uber ride to his home. While at his home, Gray and the victim enraged in sexual acts. The victim also saw Gray recording a portion of the act. 

The details from an interview with the victim "demonstrate that 19-year-old Gray used his access to the middle school as an unofficial assistant basketball coach to meet and communicate with at least one middle-school-aged child outside of school," read the complaint.

Prior to the teacher alerting authorities, the video taken by Gray was discovered on the victim's phone by another student. The student took a screenshot of the video and shared it in a group chat. The students in the group chat then showed the image to a teacher. 

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According to the complaint, Gray was not paid for his coaching service. He was also fingerprinted in July 2022 for the purpose of employment. 

During interviews with police, one parent told investigators they had previously seen Gray "flirting" with other middle school students and had warned him about behaving inappropriately. 

A forensic review of the victim's phone, as well as subpoenaed information from T-Mobile and Uber later helped identify Gray as the individual contacting the victim. 

A search warrant was executed on May 9 where his cell phone was seized. During an interview with police, Gray denied having sex with the victim and instead said a friend had been using his phone to communicate with the victim.

"Although Gray claims his friend was the one communicating with Minor Victim 1 concerning their past sexual encounter, the conversations occurred throughout all hours of the day and night, over the course of more than a week. This makes it extremely unlikely that his friend had control of Gray’s phone for that long a time period," the complaint read.

He's also been charged with distribution of child pornography.