Walled Lake student plans to fight expulsion after allegedly posting video of teacher using bathroom

A Walled Lake Central High School student plans to fight back against punishment he may receive after he allegedly recorded his teacher using the bathroom during a Zoom video.

The 15-year-old is accused of recording the teacher when she thought her webcam was turned off. The teen then allegedly posted the video to social media.

The student is potentially facing expulsion and discipline from the school.

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Colin Daniels, a senior associate at Rockind Law, claims the incident does not violate Michigan law.

"As if students trying to learn remotely didn’t have enough stress, this student is being castigated for taking a video of his teacher doing something incredibly shocking in front of her whole class; and in a moment of ‘Can you believe this?’ he shared it with his friends and is now being wrongly scapegoated in order to protect the adult teacher," Daniels said in a press release.

Daniels asserts that the student is being punished while the teacher is not.

District officials said in a letter to parents that the choices by "both staff and students" had "compromised social integrity."

"The District does not tolerate students’ inappropriate use of technology, and any violations of either the Code of Conduct or our Technology Acceptable Use Policy. We know these are very different times in the midst of a global pandemic; however, District expectations must always include respect for all students and staff," Principal Chuck Froning wrote in the letter.