Warning issued for unlicensed Michigan State apparel hitting the market

Some Michigan State University hoodies - like the ones that say "Always a Spartan" look nice, and even sympathetic, but not right.    

The MSU Alumni Association is sending out a warning that some are trying to make a buck by selling unlicensed merchandise.

"It's not right. They're making a buck off a tragic situation," said Jenny Symansic, general manager at Fanatic U. "It's tragic, actually. They should be going through the right channels, contacting Michigan State, and getting licenses just like everybody else has to."

In fact, Michigan State has a list on its website of specific companies that are licensed to use the Spartan logos on merchandise.

"Licensing nowadays is a lot tougher," said Greg, the owner of Fanatic U

Greg is the owner of Fanatic U in Garden City and Taylor. He also has a son who is a senior at Michigan State.

"People come in and want to talk about it ... they're sad, it's a horrible tragedy," he said.

Greg says that he went through the proper channels and will soon be selling a licensed Spartan Strong T-shirt, hats, and other merchandise. But what should you look for to buy the real thing?

"There's like hologram stickers on the merchandise or on the tag of the merchandise.  It also says on the wording on the tag, officially licensed product," Jenny said.

And of course, that little R means it's trademarked. Of course, they can be faked.  Bottom line, know where you're buying your

Greg added that some of the sales of licensed Spartan Strong merchandise will be given back to the school for victims.

An example of unlicensed MSU apparel.

An example of unlicensed MSU apparel.