Warren cop who sexted teen is fired but won't be charged

A Warren police officer accused of sexting a teenager is out of a job.

The department dismissed the officer from the force after investigators say he sent explicit text messages to a 17-year-old girl.

A 35-year-old Warren police officer who was suspended since last Friday, with pay, for allegedly sending text messages of a sexual nature to a 17-year-old high school student. Now, he's gone.  

"Based on that testimony and that information that was provided, I made the decision this past Monday for termination," said Warren Police Commissioner William Dwyer.

That testimony occurred at an internal hearing last week. Commissioner Dwyer says the officer violated four departmental ethics rules which led to Monday's firing, including a violation of integrity and a duty to the public.

"Conduct unbecoming of an officer, conduct as far as his private and professional life as far as how it is supposed to be kept,” Dwyer said.

Reports indicate that some of the sexy texts occurred while the officer was off duty, but some were made while he was on duty. And the officer did allegedly meet the girl while he was on duty. 

FOX 2: "This officer did not commit a crime?"

"There's a higher standard for police officers," Dwyer said.

But there will be no criminal charges. The officer had been on the force for about seven years. 

FOX 2: "Can he ever get his job back?"

"I can't get into details if he can get his job back," Dwyer said. "This is not indicative of the fine man and women that serve the public in Warren 24/7."  

The victim and the officer's name, are not being released, nor are the actual circumstances surrounding the incident.  

"We took this very seriously, or he wouldn't have been terminated," said Dwyer.