Warren family shaken by stray bullet through son's window

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A Warren family was left shaken after a bullet was fired through a bedroom wall of their home.

No one was hurt but the family complained that police were slow to respond.  The single bullet was found inside a home at the corner of Berniece and Virginia on Friday.

Christian Glover came home from school this afternoon and found the damage in his bedroom. He called his mother who came home from running errands, who then she called police.

Now she's mad.

"If they were still shooting, we would be dead - put the guns down, put them down," said Debra Glover.

The family said they are new to the neighborhood, and don't believe they were the intended targets. Debra Glover says neighbors heard people arguing behind her home Friday morning, which may have led to gunfire.

But right now, police are still trying to figure out where the bullet came from, and who fired the gun.

The bullet went through the back window and it came through the wall. The bullet bounced a little bit before it dropped to the ground.

But fortunately, the family's teenage son wasn't sitting on his bed, headphones on, playing video games at the time.

"I'm very terrified," Christian Glover said. "I'm glad that I was at school. I usually stand over there playing my game, I'm just so glad I wasn't there."

"What if my son would have been standing there," his mother said. "It could have taken his life. He would have been shot dead in the head."

Michael Glover, a disabled military veteran is a diabetic. He was home at the time lying in bed.

"What if the bullet came through that window while he's lying on the bed," Debra said. "And he's been struggling for the last 10 years to stay alive from medical illness."

Michael Glover says he is now more terrified in his home than from when he served his country overseas.

"I've never gotten shot at," he said. "I did my job; I did my tour of duty, came home, and got an honorable discharge and not a scratch. I come home and I get shot at in my own house."

The family has also accused the Warren Police Department of a slow response time after it was called in.

"I called them once, and they didn't come," Debra said. "I called again, and they said they had more important calls. What can be more important than this? I called a third time and as I hung up, I said call the news."

However, the Deputy Commissioner said his department received the only call from the home at 1:49 p.m. and officers arrived by 2:28 p.m., and they did not leave the home until after 6 p.m.

FOX 2 cameras were rolling the entire time police investigated the area and retrieved the bullet.

"It's just unbelievable really," Debra said.