Warren mayor proposing marijuana grow housing zone

Warren Mayor Jim Fouts says the growth of medical marijuana houses in the city is out of control, and would like to set up restrictions to where it can be grown. Tuesday night, the Warren City Council will hear more about an ordinance Fouts would like to adopt.

Fouts would like to see the pot growing operations and retail operations be contained to one "zone", like a manufacturing zone so to speak, instead of having them scattered across neighborhoods. You may remember last week when an explosion happened at one of the grow houses, and because of that Fouts says these houses are a danger that need to be handled.

"The seconday effects of medical marijuana, the fact is, is that you get increased [breaking and enterings]; you get burglaries; and you get a lot of traffic in the neighborhood at night. Even if the individual is legitimate, and I'm sure there are legitimate medical marijuana caregifivers, it sill draws other undesirables. Added to the fact that all too often there are people that say they're medical marijuana caregivers, but they're not; or they're medical marijuana caregivers and they end up taking care of everybody and anybody, and so you have a lot of traffic in the neighborhood," Fouts tells FOX 2.

The ex deputy mayor of the city of Warren is suing the city saying the growers are not getting a fair chance, and that they are getting intimidated by the city and by police.

The meeting happens tonight at 7 p.m.

This is a developing story. Stay with FOX 2 for updates.