Warren mother released from custody after 8-month-old's death

The mom of an 8-month-old found dead in a Warren apartment has been released from police custody as the question of what happened continues to linger.

It was an urgent, frantic cry for help that alerted these two brothers that something was wrong in their apartment building Thursday afternoon

"My brother was like get up the baby not breathing. It's downstairs in hallway," one of the neighbors said.

Both asked not to be identified.

Warren mother in custody after 8-month-old son's death

The brothers said they did everything possible to save 8-month-old Mustafa Galdi, Jr. when they found him on the floor right outside the door to his family's apartment

"The mom, we were trying to calm her down at the same time we're working on baby doing CPR," one brother said. "He like caught his breath and stuff was coming out his noise and mouth and he opened his eyes and my brother said yeah we got a pulse."

"When I was doing CPR the baby was breathing but at the same time he stopped breathing," the other brother said.

When fire crews arrived they worked on the baby but officials say they never got a heartbeat. The baby boy was pronounced dead.

Police say they were called in to investigate because of inconsistencies with the mother's story. Initially, she said her son choked on cookies and milk. But neighbors say they saw a bathtub full of water inside the apartment.

Investigators believe drowning could be a factor but can't confirm until they receive the autopsy results

She was arrested after coming to the police department voluntarily.

Friday afternoon, investigators released the mother, pending the issuance of warrants next week.

"It's hard to get them to talk. Their pain is no words. They just want their baby back."