Warren police assign 5 investigators on De La Salle football team hazing allegations

FOX 2 spoke with Warren Police Commissioner Bill Dwyer who says they started interviewing players on the football team this weekend.

But he says it’s unlikely they will be able to talk to everyone involved in the alleged hazing. 

Five investigators from the Warren Police Department have now been assigned to investigate allegations of hazings involving high school football players at De La Salle.
That, is according to police commissioner Bill Dwyer who, when this first surfaced said it will take a lot to get to the bottom of this one. 

"There is a lot of information out there on social media and a lot of it is not correct," he said.

The allegations of hazing first surfaced last week prompting the private catholic school's president to cancel and forfeit their playoff football game. 
Shortly after that decision, President John Knight spoke with us via phone. 

"We are just in the early stages of getting our arms around a lot of information. it's too early to talk about any type of changes," Knight said.

Since that time he has met with police. Commissioner Dwyer tells us the school has been cooperating in the investigation. But Tuesday night the commissioner says not everyone has been so forthcoming. 

The commissioner says he plans to speak with every coach, and student on the team, doing so in the presence of their parents. He tells me not all parents are allowing their kids to be interviewed however, he says that includes students who may have vital information in this case. 

The police commissioner says he plans to have all the interviews with students on team wrapped up by Thursday and then decide what the next step is.