Warren schools suing social media companies over 'substantial disturbance' it creates for students

Warren Consolidated Schools is suing social media companies, citing how these websites have disturbed the district's education mission.

A resolution allowing litigation to move forward was approved at a school board meeting last week.

"The U.S. Surgeon General has issued an advisory on social media and youth mental health which calls attention to the growing concerns about the effects of social media on our youth," Superintendent Robert Livernois said. "Our highest priority has always been student safety and well-being."


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According to the resolution, the district says it "continues to experience significant problems with student use of social media, which has created a substantial disturbance to its education mission; has resulted in the diversion of substantial resources in an attempt to abate and prevent such use; and poses a significant risk to the health and well-being of its students."

The district is seeking damages. 

This isn't the first time the district has sued a company over its impact on students. In 2021, the district joined a lawsuit against vape company Juul. That suit was settled this year.

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