Warren schools warn TikTok challenge stunts will bring severe disciplinary action

The popularity of TikTok challenges with teens is leading school officials around the area - including those in Warren -  to issue stern warnings against doing them.

The newest stunt involves recording yourself slapping a teacher after previous challenges that included property destruction maInly in the restrooms.

"In our district since the start of school, we've been dealing with a particular TickTock challenge that encourages students to videotape themselves. destroying property in the bathroom like soap dispensers and paper towels," said Dr. Robert Livernois, Warren superintendent. "Many of our counterparts are experiencing the same sort of things become problematic for us, primarily in our middle schools."

Dr Livernois says he and his staff are working to stop this behavior.

"At some of our middle schools, our principles have established a system where students are required to sign in and out of the restroom, which is then inspected in between use," he said.

The district is threatening strict disciplinary action to deter the stunts.  

"Anywhere from school suspensions, some students are actually facing expulsion, and in a few cases some students are even facing potential criminal prosecution for amount of damage they have done," he said.

Livernois addressed the latest TikTok trend involving assaulting teachers or touching others inappropriately.

"In October as we sit now, the challenge is to video record yourself hitting a staff member, and some of them throughout the year are very concerning," he said. "One of them even includes touching people inappropriately on the breast.

"We haven’t had any yet thankfully."

Medical professionals encourage parents to discuss the consequences of social media post with their children.

"I think the best thing to do is you know what always pause before you post," said Dr. Asha Shajahan, Beaumont. "When you’re posting is this something that is going to hurt someone, why are you posting it, and do you think you will regret it later."

School districts are sounding the alarm on these challenges and want students to know you can’t hide from your social media posts.

"For some reason students don’t understand that everything they do on their  cell phone is traceable," said Livernois.