Washtenaw County Sheriffs investigate police impersonator

The Washtenaw County Sheriffs' office is investigating reports of a man impersonating a police officer. 

A 26-year-old man says he was pulled over around 7:30 pm on Thursday at the intersection of Prospect and Geddes by a man he says was pretending to be a Ypsilanti Police officer.  

Director of Community Engagement Derrick Jackson says, "The person who was getting pulled over asked him why was he stopped, and then asked him a few more questions, and just in the interaction it didn't seem official."

Authorities describe the person of interest as a black male in his late 20s, early 30s. He was wearing a hat with a star badge, a vest that said "Agent", and wearing a badge hanging from his neck. 

One key question Jackson says was important was the man asking to speak to the impersonators' supervisor. 

Police say the man who was pulled over eventually decided to pull off. 

"The person pretending to be an officer speeds by him almost like he was going to chase him but doesn't chase him,  turns his police lights off and goes right by him, " says Jackson. 

The person of interest was driving a late model black Chevy Impala with flashing red and blue lights, with no license plate. 

If anyone has any information please contact the Wayne County Sheriffs Office at (734) 721-2222