Washtenaw County woman was “scared, freaked out, and sick” after winning $1M in scratch-off

A Washtenaw County woman won $1 million on a Michign lottery scratchoff ticket. (Image: Michigan Lottery)

A Washtenaw County woman said when she scratched off a $1 million lottery ticket, she was admittedly "scared, freaked out, and sick" after winning the massive prize.

The anonymous woman said she bought her $10 Ca$h Game ticket at a 7-Eleven on Ecorse Road in Romulus with winnings from another Ca$h Game ticket.

"I have a few stores I like to buy tickets at, and the 7-Eleven is one of them," said the 50-year-old player. "I have been playing the Cash Game because I’ve been getting quite a few winners. I won $30 and decided to buy three more tickets. I didn’t win on two of them but hit $1 million on this one!"

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When the woman started to scratch off, she realized she was about to win. But with the million-dollar prize revealed, she couldn't believe it.

"As soon as I saw the star symbol and the ‘1MIL’ prize, I felt freaked out, scared, and sick instantly. It was such an overwhelming feeling to win!"

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After scratching off the winner, she had to go to Michigan Lottery headquarters in Lansing to claim her prize. She said she plans to buy a brand new car for the first time in her life, share with family, and then save what's left.

The woman claimed a one-time lump sum of roughly $634,000 rather than annuity payments.

"This is an incredible blessing. I’ve had some health issues, and things have been tough, but this means I won’t feel any more financial burdens for a long time," said the player.