Watch: Flint mayor announcing plans to replace pipes

Flint mayor Karen Weaver is expected to announce Tuesday morning her plans to replace the lead pipes within the water system. She will be joined by retired Brigadier General G.H. McDaniel who is helpint to coordinate the plans.

VIDEO: You can watch a livestream of her announcement here. It is expected to begin at 10:30 a.m.

Earlier this month, Weaver announced a public and a private partnership to start the process because she says the city can't afford to wait for the state or the federal government to take action. Similar work has been underway in Lansing for a decade.

Lansing's public utility says if 32 crews are dedicated to the job full time, Flint's pipes could be entirely replaced within a year.

A lack of corrosion control chemicals caused lead to leach into the drinking water after the city switched its water source in April of 2014.