WATCH: Night three coverage of RNC in Cleveland

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"Make America First Again" is theme for the third night of the Republican National Convention, but the bigger story was the drama of the evening.

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Cruz is taking his turn on the stage at the Republican National Convention - and he's stopping short of endorsing his former rival.

Cruz says in remarks released before he began speaking that Americans should "vote your conscience." He never says they should vote for Trump.

Trump and Cruz engaged in bitter recriminations during the Republican primaries. Trump repeatedly referred to Cruz as "Lyin' Ted." Cruz said Trump was a "pathological liar."

Cruz is saying almost nothing about Trump in his speech. But he's heaping criticism on Democrat Hillary Clinton and the Obama administration.

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker is telling Republicans who are on the fence about supporting Donald Trump for president that "we can't wait four more years."

Walker says in a speech to the Republican National Convention that "America deserves better than Hillary Clinton."

Walker - who was one of Trump's early challengers before dropping out of the race last year - says a vote for a protest vote for a third-party candidate is essentially a vote for Democrat Clinton.

The "lock her up" chant - the "her" is Hillary Clinton - is in full roar again at the Republican National Convention.

The chant returned early in Wednesday evening's session, with Florida Gov. Rick Scott on stage criticizing the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee.

Scott says Clinton won't protect the borders, eliminate Islamic extremism or create jobs.

He says: "Hillary fails. She fails. She fails. She fails." The governor says Democrats have "led us to a cliff."