Watch: Police video released of pursuit leading to officer-involved I-94 shooting

These videos may contain strong language and graphic images which may be disturbing to some people. Viewer discretion is advised.

Warren police video was released of the officer-involved shooting that took place on I-94 Thursday following a pursuit.

The suspect - who fled from a police stop at Eight Mile and Woodward Avenue, then can be seen using his vehicle to hit bystander vehicles and police cruisers.

Police video shows the driver intentionally accelerating toward a bystander whose pickup truck was hit during a traffic backup on the freeway. At that point an officer can be seen on foot rushing toward the suspect's Chevy Cruze with his gun out, wounding the driver in his arm.

Warren police say the wounded suspect has since been treated and released. He is being held at the Warren Police Department pending arraignment.

An officer was injured during the incident, possibly when the suspect intentionally rammed a police cruiser going in reverse. No bystanders were injured.

The video shows the traffic stop where the officer says the driver was going 52 in a 40-mile-per-hour speed limit on Eight Mile - and includes audio of the back-and-forth.

"I don't really got a license, I (drove) my girl. She had work," said the suspect.

Officer: "Can I see your ID?"

Suspect: "I don't really have an ID on me."

Officer: "Put the car in park and turn off the car.

Suspect: "Can I call her first?"

Officer: "Nope. You're a grown man you don't got to call your girl."

Suspect: "It's her car, it's in her name."

Officer: "Give me the keys."

Suspect: "It's in her name."

Officer: "Give me the keys."

Suspect: "I'm trying to understand why - everybody else was flying past me, and you pulled me over?"

Officer: "I'm not worried about anyone else, just give me your keys."

Suspect: "But why me?"

Officer: "I want your keys"

Suspect: "You're a Warren police officer, isn't this the Detroit side?"

Officer: "Give me your keys."

Suspect: "That's weird as hell"

At that point, the driver refused to provide ID, rolled up the window and started the vehicle's engine.

The officer runs back to his car, yelling "Turn it off!" twice.

A second police cruiser pulls up on the right, attempting to block in the suspect's Chevy Cruze.  

As the pursuit began, assisting officers then blocked traffic to limit the danger to the public.

Video shows officers in multiple cruisers attempting to block the Cruze on Van Dyke. The driver then hits a police cruiser to speed away.

Police released video then jump cuts to I-94 near Woodward where a traffic backup has slowed the Cruze - which now is between the left lane and center median.

Video shows the suspect strikes bystander vehicles in the backup, then intentionally reverses into a patrol vehicle.  He then hits a bystander vehicle in sueezing past them on the left side between them and the median wall.

The suspect then hits a white Dodge truck, and again intentionally reverses into a patrol car behind him, causing an airbag deployment.

The driver of the bystander's white truck opens the driver's door of his vehicle. As officers confronted the suspect, he sped up toward the open driver's door.

As the suspect intentionally accelerated toward the innocent bystanders, the officer-involved shooting happened.

According to the video, police officers rendered medical aid to the suspect until EMS arrived.

The Michigan State Police will conduct an investigation of the officer-involved shooting and will submit their findings afterward.