WATCH: Suspect stops to hand off baby in the middle of a Detroit Police chase

A man running away from Detroit Police stopped to hand off a baby in the backseat in the middle of the chase on the city's west side. 

Detroit Police were trying to stop a Toyota Corolla on the city's west side on Monday after it reportedly tried to hit a patrol car and then drove off.

According to Detroit police, the father of the child, a 26-year-old man, had taken the 3-month-old following an argument. The baby's mother said he told her he would not return the baby unless he paid her money.

When police were called, he drove off and started the chase with the baby in the car with him.

At one point, officers tried to box the vehicle in but it turned onto a sidestreet and evaded police again.

The car continued to drive away from the police and drove the wrong way on several streets while police chased him.

The driver stopped at 7 Mile and Oakfield for a brief second while a woman pulled the child who was in a car seat out of the car. The driver then sped off as police tried to box him in again.

Once the child was safe, police pulled ground units off the chase. Soon after, the air support also left the scene.

About an hour after handing the child off, police caught up to him in a neighborhood and tried to box him in but he was able to get away again, even as police got out with guns pointed at him.