Wayne County orders essential businesses to screen employees for COVID-19

The Wayne County Public Health Division is ordering all essential businesses that are still open to screen all employees for COVID-19.

The Health Divison issued the emergency order on Friday for all employees to be screened for illnesses and for possible exposure to the virus. 

Under the order, businesses must ask their employees if they have any current symptoms - including fever, shortness of breath, sore throat or diarrhea. They should also ask about travel history and their contact with individuals diagnosed with COVID-19 within 14-days and take temperature checks with a contactless thermometer.

If the employee answers yes to any of the questions, the employee cannot report to work. 

Instead, the employee should be sent home to self-isolate or quarantine for a minimum of 7 days since the first symptoms appear and 3 days after symptoms stop.

Additionally, businesses must ensure employees are following social distancing of keeping six feet away from each other.

A second order requires screening protocols for childcare workers who provide care for children or dependents of critical infrastructure workers. The protocols include daily screening for staff and customers, parents and guardians of children begin cared for, and essential visitors of these establishments.

The emergency order is similar to one introduced in Oakland County on Tuesday.