'We need Congress to act': VP Kamala Harris talks what needs to happen to handle border crisis

During a visit to Ann Arbor on Thursday, Vice President Kamala Harris sat down with FOX 2's Roop Raj to discuss issues at the border.

Harris was charged with taking responsibility of handling the border crisis. She said Congress needs to do more.

"One of our highest priorities is to ensure we have a secure border, and that is what we are doing, but we also need Congress to act. We need Congress to act. When we first came in as an administration, our first bill was to get Congress to put the resources that we need to make sure we have a fair and humane immigration system that includes putting resources at the border to strengthen all that we need to do," Harris said. "And so when we look at the folks who are in the United States Congress right now, I think we should be asking them to take up their responsibility, to pass an immigration bill, so that we can more effectively put the resources at the border and on this issue in a way that most Americans want."

Vice President Kamala Harris speaks in Ann Artbor.

Harris also said Congress was playing political games.

"I wish the United States Congress would stop playing political games with this, and that so-called leaders would stop playing political games with this, and using it as a point of division instead of actually working on the solutions. The solutions are at hand. Pass an immigration law. Let's deal with this," she said.

Harris said Republicans need to meet Democrats at the table. On the other side of the fence, the GOP said the Biden administration needs to be more aggressive, taken more seriously, and not be so reactionary. 

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