"Bo didn't keep me safe"; Schembechler's son, former players detail abuse by doctor and what head coach knew

What did Bo know?

According to his son Matt Schembechler, the famed University of Michigan coach was told by him that team doctor Robert Anderson molested him when he had his first physical at age 10. First, he told his mom, a registered nurse who encouraged him to tell his father. 

"When Bo got home, I told him what happened. He lost it," said Matt. He screamed. ‘I’m not hearing it.'"

Matt's effort to tell his dad about the abuse earned him a "punch in the chest." 

"And that was the beginning of the end."

Matt and two other former players gave personal stories about the sexual abuse they suffered during visits with the doctor, whose actions have led the university into a whirlwind of controversy, with accusations the school was more protective of its brand and reputation than the safety of its players. 

"We need total accountability," said attorney Stephen Drew. "(We need) to stop the argument that we are immune from responsibility so people entrusted to these universities are protected and are more important than the power and privilege and profits of the program."

Prior to telling his story, Matt said only four other people knew his story. He had another physical when he was in high school and said again, he was groped. His final physical with Anderson was when he went into college and the doctor didn't touch him, he said.

The same can't be said for Daniel Kwiatkowski, who was recruited to play from 1977 to 1981. 

"During our meeting (with Bo), Bo made promises to my parents. He would be a father. We were poor working class and my parents were worried about my future," he said.

"He promised to keep me safe. We were sold."

Kwiatkowski said that didn't happen. He said he was molested in the fall of 1977 when Anderson "blew on my penis" and "digitally raped my rectum multiple times."

When he told Schembechler, the coach told him to "toughen up." Kwiatkowski had three more physicals where he "violated me again and again" he said during a Thursday press conference.

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Gilvanni Johnson, who played from 1982-186, was told the school had "the best medical care in the world."

But he also heard jokes about "Dr. Anal" and getting "Dr. Andersized" in the locker room - both references to some of the techniques that were used in the care of Dr. Anderson.

"He tried to arouse me and put a finger in my anus."

Both Johnson and Kwiatkowski say they have trouble trusting doctors and being intimate in relationships. 

The accusations directed toward the University of Michigan have been magnified in recent months following initial complaints about the school's handling of the doctor's actions and a 240-page report that detailed who knew about the abuse and how it was swept away from the public eye. 

Other schools like Michigan State University and before them Penn State University have each been blasted with the controversy of similar reports of sexual abuse and institutional indifference.

Anderson was initially let go from the university before he was brought back on, behind encouragement from Bo Schembechler. Matt theorized the reason why he wanted Anderson on the team was because "he knew he had control" of him.