What makes you 'middle class' in Detroit? Here's how much money you need to earn

Out of U.S. big cities, Detroit has one of the lowest middle class income limits.

A study from SmartAsset found that in Detroit, you are considered middle class if your household makes between $24,214 to $72,280. Detroit's threshold is only slightly higher than Cleveland, where middle class is defined as making $23,827 to $71,124.

Detroit's median household income is $36,140, based on SmartAsset's data. 

In Michigan, you are considered middle class if your household makes $42,544 to $126,996. The median household income is $63,498.

These middle class thresholds vary by location, and the differences can be stark. For instance, in Freemont, Calif., you aren't considered middle class unless your household income is a minimum of $104,499. In that city, you can earn up to $311,936 and still be considered middle class.

You can see how Freemont, Detroit, and other large city middle class ranges compare in the list below: 

SmartAsset calculated these ranges by looking at U.S. Census Bureau data. The study used the Pew Research definition of middle class range – two-thirds to double the median U.S. salary. Local median salary for states and large cities to account for the diversity of financial realities.