What to know about Gov. Whitmer's new public safety plan that aims to curb Michigan crime rates

Gov. Gretchen Whitmer addressed Michiganders on Monday about a new approach to public safety.

Michigan's crime rate is increasing. Violent crime has been reported to be up 12% and gun crime is up 36%. 

Whitmer said crime needs to be stopped but not in the way that people tend to think. She announced a $75 million investment from the federal and state governments that is divided into three categories:


  • Starting Saturday flags will be half-mast to honor fallen officers
  • Hire more officers in all counties, and those officers will live where they are serving
  • Better training and resources for current officers
  • Meet diversity goals when hiring
  • Loan repayments and scholarships will be offered for new and current officers

Guns off the street

  • Bringing in more judges, and better funding prosecutors who are capable of processing the backlog of gun cases

Education, jobs

  • Counseling, and special medical care for gun violence victims
  • More nurses social workers at Michigan schools in order to speak to kids about domestic abuse, crime, and weapons
  • Education about common issues like; drunk driving, drag racing, how to properly open carry weapons if you legally own a firearm