Where is Brendan Santo? Family begs people to keep looking for teen who disappeared from MSU campus in October

Brendan Santo was last seen leaving a dorm at Michigan State University on Oct. 29.

The 18-year-old drove to East Lansing from Grand Valley University for the Michigan vs. Michigan State football game that weekend.

"He was at Yakeley Hall heading towards I think they call it the Brody area, going to Rather Hall, walking by himself," his father Brad Santo said.

Brendan Santo's phone was last pinged near Michigan Avenue and Beal Street shortly before midnight.

His parents said he seemed to be in good spirits the night he disappeared, and his last texts were to his friends telling them he was on his way.

"He shared his location with one of the friends, so that all seemed normal. You know, that's our challenge, you know. They've communicated that with police. They're like, ‘Yeah, he was texting us normal,' and his phone just went out," Brad Santo said.

Brendan Santo's parents said that they have gotten numerous tips from people who think they may have spotted the teen. Some tipsters say they saw him in the Lansing area, while some tips have come from as far away as Oklahoma.

"We've had multiple sightings, and people have been great that they've called the tip line," Brad Santo said. "The challenge with the tip line – by the time they get to it, there's not much for them to do because he would have been gone, so we want to reinforce that people have been great. If you see him. If you think it's him, as MSU PD has told us, call 911."

The family hopes that by speaking about his disappearance and having his photo posted to social media, someone may recognize him and know where he went.

"Jog their memory, look at their phones. We know people were taking pictures, videos. Anything that they think that he may be in, if they could review those. Send them to MSU PD," Brad Santo said.

If you see someone you think is Brendan Santo, call 911. Other tips can be reported to the tip line at 844-99MSUPD.