Whitmer signs Reproductive Health Act protecting, ensuring abortion access

On Tuesday Governor Gretchen Whitmer signed the Reproductive Health Act.

"A package of bills that repeal politically motivated restrictions on abortion, cut unnecessary red tape for medical providers and we’re going to expand reproductive healthcare coverage for the Michiganders," said Whitmer.

The signing comes a year after Michigan voters passed Proposal 3, the Right to Reproductive Freedom Initiative. The move comes following the US Supreme Court's overturning of Roe v. Wade in June, 2022.

"We’ve been fighting to protect abortion in Michigan for years," Whitmer said. "Roe v. Wade was repealed last year and our fight took on a whole new urgency."

Andrea Jones is a wife, mother and small business owner. She says this is a defining moment for women who face healthcare challenges involving their reproductive health.

"I’ve been pregnant seven times I’ve had two (dilation and curettage procedures), I’ve had a miscarriage, and I’ve had an abortion and I have three kids," Jones said.

Choices that could have faced barriers but the signing of the Reproductive Health Act changes that, advocates say.

"I had to make some difficult decisions and the thought of not being able to make those choices is heartbreaking to me," Jones said.

After the signing at Schoolcraft College in Livonia some pro-life demonstrators protested the legislation.

In a statement, Right To Life of Michigan said in part:

"This is a dark day in Michigan as the Governor recklessly signs into law a package of bills that present an immediate danger to the health and safety of women and children, including the unborn, in our state. Removing basic health and safety standards for abortion clinics, standards that have the support of 95% of Michigan voters, is an afront to the very women our Governor claims to represent."

Whitmer said she is carrying out the will of voters who passed Proposal 3 in 2022, also called the "Reproductive Freedom for All" petition.

"They have their own political agenda we heard loud and clear the people of Michigan speak on this issue on the ballot last fall what we are doing is executing the will of the people."

And people like Andrea Jones applaud that move.

"It means that more women will have the opportunity to make the choices that’s important for their own family and their health and my three girls will have that opportunity as well."