Whitmer visits WSU, announces legislation protecting Affordable Care Act in Michigan

Governor Gretchen Whitmer was at Wayne State University Monday, promoting new legislation protecting the Affordable Care Act in Michigan.

"I’m excited to be here at Wayne State Medical School to celebrate legislation I recently signed to lower healthcare costs, protect coverage and make Michigan a safer healthier place to live," she said.

Whitmer said that as a result of the legislature, key pieces of the Affordable Care Act are now part of state law.

"All of which will enhance the ability for people to get the care they need," she said.

The legislation signed by Governor Whitmer also protects the Affordable Care Act from being repealed by the federal government or US Supreme Court

"Which is why we need to codify them at the state level," she said. "We cannot wait for a federal decision to ensure Michiganders are protected.

Under the Affordable Care Act, more Americans and Michiganders receive medical coverage.

"Before the ACA was signed into law nearly 47 million Americans did not have health coverage," Whitmer said.

The governor said for residents, the legislation also helps the economy.

"Good health is good for the economy when people have the care they need, they can support themselves, they can fill open jobs, they can pursue higher education or start their own business," she said. "So let’s work together to keep building on what we started here - a healthier, stronger Michigan."