Whitmer, Dixon announce conflicting dates about upcoming governor race debates

With Michigan's Primary season officially over, voters and candidates can turn their heads to the general election in November.

The 2022 Midterm races have a lot at stake in Michigan politics with the state's top governing seat up for grabs. Other statewide seats are also being voted on during the pivotal year. In the race for governor, Tudor Dixon will take on Gretchen Whitmer. The west Michigan native beat out nine other Republican candidates to secure the party's nomination for governor.

However, the candidates have yet to settle on a specific dates and instead released competing times when they planned to debate. 

Dixon said she has accepted two debate offers: one on Sept. 20 hosted by WOOD TV and another on either Oct. 17 or 24, which would be hosted by WXYZ.

Whitmer's camp meanwhile said it accepted invitations to debate hosted by WOOD TV on Oct. 13 and another hosted by WXYZ on Oct. 25.

It's unclear what kinds of discussions between the two campaigns have gone one. 

Dixon said in a statement that she had "rejects WHitmer's attempt to push debates back until well after voting starts…" Absentee ballots are expected to be mailed out on Sept. 24.

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Another debate offer is also on the table for potential face-off on FOX 2 Detroit.