Witness comes forward after hit-and-run of Westland Taco Bell employee

Marcia Japowicz of Westland was hit by a car on Wayne Road Monday as she was walking to work. The driver pulled over, but police say at least three other cars then also hit her and those drivers did not stop. 

"Everyone is just heartbroken and wants answers," says Stephanie London, Japowicz's niece. The family is still trying to cope with her death. They're asking someone to come forward to explain what happened the night Japowicz was killed.

"By not coming forward, it looks like he's hiding something," says Westland Deputy Police Chief Todd Adams.

Westland police say the elderly woman who initially hit Japowicz pulled over, but a new witness now says Japowicz was still alive when another man hit her. The witness says that man got out of his car and even stood over Japowicz, who was lying in the street.

"As he approached, a second vehicle came by and ran over the victim. At that time he got back into his vehicle and drove away," says Adams.

"Just to leave her? Not to even try to help her? I just don't understand," says London.

The witness says the man who hit Japowicz was driving a red or burgundy Chrysler Pacifica.

"It may possibly have some damage. We're guessing down low or on the undercarriage of the vehicle," says Adams.

Westland police say the driver of the Chrysler Pacifica is described as a white man in his late 50s, about 5 feet 8 inches tall, weighing about 150 lbs. They say he has a well-trimmed gray beard, mustache and gray hair. 

"It just leaves me speechless. That's a human life. It was someone we loved and cherished very much," says London. "Be brave and stand up for our aunt so that justice can come through."