Witness: Truck 'fishtailing on median' before I-75 fatal crash

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A horrific crash happened on I-75 Tuesday when a driver slammed into an idled car, killing the two women inside. Michigan State Police are saying the out-of-control driver might have suffered a medical episode.

It happened  at the end of an entrance ramp near Schaefer on the freeway's northbound side. The three women in a car pulled over and were unaware they were in the path of an erratically driving truck.

One woman witnessed the erratic driver before the crash. Kathy Klyczek first noticed something was wrong about 3 p.m. when she was passed by a pickup going north on I-75 near the Ambassador Bridge.

"The reason it kind of caught my eye, it was fishtailing on and off the median," she said.

Michigan State Police say there was a reason for the erratic driving she and others witnessed.

"He was driving erratically possibly due to some type of a medical condition," said Lt. Michael Shaw, Michigan State Police.

But it also had tragic consequences. In his path were two adult women and a teenage girl, sitting in a parked car pulled over in the center median for unknown reasons.

"The driver and backseat passenger of the Chevy were killed instantly on scene," Shaw said. The third person in the car was taken to the hospital in serious condition.

After the impact, other drivers swerved out of the way as the pick-up truck continued for a quarter mile. SkyFOX captured the moment when the driver of the pick-up truck was able to walk himself into an ambulance where he was treated for minor injuries.

FOX 2 viewers tell us about 20 people rushed in to help, but police say they are fortunate no one was else was injured in the aftermath.

"We do want to warn people that traffic is moving so fast on these freeways, a lot of time the best thing is to stay in your vehicle," Shaw said.

Police then worked for hours after the crash, clearing the scene around 8 p.m.

Investigators say they are they are still waiting for more information to determine what medical emergency prompted the crash in the first place.