Woman accused of ramming gas station, 2 police cruisers with her car after fight in Pontiac

A Pontiac woman is in custody after police say she tried to hit another woman with her car at a gas station and then intentionally rammed into two police cruisers during a chase.

This happened Sunday around 11 p.m. and started with a fight at the Marathon gas station in the 500 block of Perry Street. 

Police were called there after two women got into a fight in the parking lot. One of the women, a 23-year-old, ran inside the gas station - and police say the other woman was using her vehicle to ram the front door of the building. 

When police got there, the suspect drove off. Police followed her and two other cruisers coming from opposite directions attempted to block her, but police say she intentionally hit both of the cars. 

The first was hit on Perry Street and the second was hit in the entrance to the Charles Lane Apartments building, where police say the woman lives. 

Police say she hit the patrol vehicle at the apartment entrance, drove over the grass and continued into the apartment complex. She then stopped and parked her vehicle in front of her apartment and ran up to her front door. 

She entered the apartment and tried to close the door on police but deputies were able to take her into custody. Nobody was seriously hurt. 

The suspect has been identified as Nicole Shantal Collins, 32, of Pontiac. She's facing three felony charges now and a misdemeanor. Charges include fleeing, malicious destruction of fire or police property, assault/resisting of a police officer and malicious destruction of a building less than $200. 

Police say Collins has a criminal history which includes assault with a dangerous weapon, disorderly person, retail fraud 3rd-degree, operating under the influence of liquor, and domestic violence.