Woman charged for slamming 10-year-old's head into cookie display at Somerset Mall

A 10-year-old girl was randomly attacked by a woman as she waited at the Mrs. Fields cookie shop at Somerset Mall in Troy last week, according to police.

On Friday, the girl was with a group of friends and her guardian when all of a sudden she "got pushed face-first into the display (where) the food is," said Troy Police Captain Josh Jones.

Police said the attack appeared to be "unprovoked and for no apparent reason." The victim was startled but not severely injured.

The attacker is allegedly 25-year-old Reanna Valentine of Detroit. 

25-year-old Reanna Valentine of Detroit

"That person kind of started laughing like it was a big joke, and then made their way through the mall," Jones said.

The guardian with the group of little girls told security about the attack, who reviewed surveillance footage. A day after the incident, Valentine returned to Somerset – that's when she was spotted by mall security and Troy Police, then arrested.


Woman slams 10-year-old girl's head into display at Somerset Mall

Police say a Detroit woman slammed a child into a display case while the girl was shopping at Somerset Mall in Troy.

"It's ridiculous, uncalled-for, immoral," said Denise, a shopper at the mall.

Valentine faces a misdemeanor charge for simple assault. She was released on personal bond, but the judge put her on a tether – a rarity for this charge.

"I've been here 27 years and we've never had incidents like that, that I know of or seen," said John, a Somerset food court employee. "I thought since COVID people would change and things would be back to normal, but it seems that it has gotten worse."

FOX 2 reached out to Valentine multiple times for comment but did not receive a response.