Woman cries at sentencing for killing her 3-year-old in drunk driving crash

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The mom who pleaded guilty to a drunk driving crash that killed her son learned her fate Tuesday.

Charlessia Pelt will spend up to 15 years in prison for the crash last August that killed her 3-year-old.    

"I get to the hospital to see my baby laid out with tire marks on his arms, on his face," said Michael Jones, the child's father. "I don't understand any of this."

Pelt, 27, cried at her sentencing for the fatal crash in August of last year when she ran a red light at Seven Mile and Hayes, smashing into another car. Their 3-year-old Michael Jones was ejected and killed.

"I want to apologize to my family - I'm so sorry I'm so sorry," Pelt said.

Pelt was drunk, and she earlier pleaded guilty to drunk driving causing death and child abuse.  

"I'm so sorry, it hurts so bad," she said in court. I know what his father is going through. It hurts me so bad when people act like I didn't love my baby. He was my everything. 

Pelt pleaded with the judge during her sentencing Tuesday morning. 

"I tried everything in this world to be with my babies, to do everything right," she said. "I feel like I'm getting like I didn't. I know that was the most wrong thing ever that a parent can do."

However, her 8-year-old and an infant were also in the minivan, but they were not hurt. 

"Seven o'clock in the evening and you blew a .20, somewhere between a .20 and a .24," said Judge James Chylinski. "With unrestrained kids in the car." 

Earlier there was a sentencing agreement, in part, because Pelt was getting some treatment, the judge went along with it.

"The sentence will be three to 15 years in the state department of corrections," the judge said. 

Pelt does have a right to appeal, but because she pled guilty they are limited.