Woman dies after stray bullet hits her from neighbor doing target practice: police

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A woman has died after a bullet was fired into her home in Saint Clair County. Police say it happened while one of her neighbors missed his mark doing target practice. 

Police were called to the 13000 block of Dunn Road in Riley Township around 12:45 p.m. Sunday. When they got there, they found the woman in the kitchen with her husband. 

Family tells us the couple had just gotten home from church and were having coffee at the kitchen table when the bullet came whizzing in. 

The woman was taken to the hospital in critical condition, but later died. Family has identified her as Shirley Pfeil. 

Police say a 21-year-old neighbor was shooting a rifle on his property for target practice, when a stray bullet went into the couple's home and hit Pfeil. A police official tells us the neighbor was shooting into a berm or pile of dirt, and the victim's house was some distance behind that. 

Authorities have seized the neighbor's weapon. They say the neighbor is devastated, and is being very cooperative with the investigation. 

A man named Matthew, who has lived in the area all his life, says hunting and target practice is very common in the community. 

"It's just a normal thing around here," Matthew says. 

Now, it's the prosecutor's call on what happens next. 

Riley Township is about 55 miles northeast of Detroit.