Woman found shot to death on front lawn in Warren

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An Oak Park woman shot to death in the front lawn of a home in Warren.

Police say she was wounded multiple times and was lying on the ground near her car. A witness saw someone running from the scene, moments after the shots were fired.

Comforting one another on this cold January Friday, the family of 34-year-old Julii Johnson of Oak Park fights back tears as this dreary day grows much colder, learning their loved one's life is taken.

"We're just broken down," said Pamela Johnson, the victim's great aunt. "We're torn to pieces."

Warren police say at 7:30 a.m. Friday, Johnson, who had been living with her boyfriend at this Heritage Village condo in Warren, was walking to her car at the time of the incident. When just standing on her front lawn, someone opened fire, hitting her several times in the torso.
"To get that call so early in the morning," Johnson said. "You know that you're loved one has been shot. We didn't have any information."

Johnson's boyfriend who police say they questioned and released just hours after the shooting, was seen visibly upset outside. Several law enforcement agencies, along with canine units searched for that gun, and the person who took Johnson's life.

FOX 2: "Do you know who would do this?" 

Johnson: "We don't have a clue. We're clueless."

Although many neighbors FOX 2 spoke to say they didn't hear any gunshots, one witness reported seeing some running away immediately following the gunfire.

"I was kind of surprise when I realized it was actually in the complex," said Kristi Tice, a neighbor. "It's a very quiet and nice neighborhood to live in."

Protecting Johnson's privacy, Johnson's family simply says the young woman was vibrant and a hard-working single mom. Her daughter is just a teenager.

"She just was absolutely beautiful, her spirit, her personality," Tiffany Johnson, her sister, said. "He loved everybody and was loving and caring. Just beautiful."

Johnson's family and friends are asking why her.

"With God we're going to make it through this," said Pamela Johnson. "It's going to take time to get past all the anger."

They also believe that justice will prevail.

"I just have faith that they're going to catch him," Pamela said.