Woman gives birth behind shipping container in Detroit

By the time the Detroit local heard cries from behind the shipping container near a restaurant Tuesday afternoon, he was having trouble believing what he was seeing.

A woman had walked behind the metal structure near the Barn Bar and Grill on Woodward Avenue in the Boston Edison neighborhood before giving birth.

"I had seen her around before.. I knew she was pregnant," the man said, asking he remained nameless.

"And then I heard her say ‘Come out here! Come out here! You are going to come out of here!' And then it got quiet," the man recalled. "The next thing I knew I heard a baby crying."

The bizarre scene played out around 2 p.m. Tuesday.

The new mother was spotted on security cameras near the restaurant, located at 9350 Woodward Avenue near Kenilworth. The woman can be seen crossing the street before heading straight for shelter.

After he heard cries from the baby, the man called 911. Firefighters from a nearby station soon showed up and provided quick help.

"And I thought I was going crazy, I said what? Is this a baby? I got up and took a look and sure enough she had the baby in her hands," he said. "So I call EMS for her and they came and took her to the hospital. But it got me shaking. I had to go and get a beer."

The status of the mother and child are unknown. FOX 2 could only confirm they were taken to Henry Ford Health.