Woman harassed for years by prankster with traffic cones

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A harmless prank or ongoing harassment? Brenda Liveoak says whatever it is, it needs to stop. 

Home security video from Monday night shows the root of her frustration. A person is seen carrying a construction cone and placing it on the porch, blocking her front door in the middle of the night. In the morning, one is found behind her car. 

"The joke's over," she says.

The security video captured a clear picture of the culprit, but this is far from the first time it's happened.

Brenda says this has happened to her 22 times in the span of three years and, each time, it's a construction cone placed on her porch. So, when she saw road work was starting up on her street, she had a sinking feeling it would be 22 times and counting.

One time she says she awoke to find 17 cones on her property. 

"This porch is an extension of my property," she says. "That's trespassing, and what they are doing to me is harassment."

A costly one at that, resulting in sleepless nights and security upgrades. 

"I ordered some new solar cameras that will have spot lights on them and you can talk on them," she says.

And the question she wants desperately to ask this person: "I want to know why. I would like to ask that question, why. I feel like I'm really getting picked on and I haven't done anything to anybody."

Allen Park police are investigating. If you recognize the person seen here, you're asked to give them a call.