Woman jumped, punched in face at Detroit bus stop

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A woman is jumped and punched in the face while trying to protect her elderly father from a group of thieves.

Ms. B said she was walking to a corner store near Harper and Chalmers Tuesday afternoon to get ice when she saw something that caught her attention

"I saw 4 to 5 black males standing around my father at bus stop. I said something about this is not right," "Ms. B said.

Ms. B - not her real name - said she went over to the bus stop to check on her 90-year-old dad who was on his way to the barbershop. At first, everything seemed okay - they even let him use their so he could call the barbershop.

"They were standing around like they were waiting for the bus as well," she said. "And then one just cold-cocked me and tried to rob my father but they didn't get anything. I'm the only one that got the injuries."

She has a bloody mouth and eye after the powerful punch and her father is fine. Ms. B says she has never seen the suspects before but believes they are 18 to 25 years old and live in the neighborhood.

The victim says she felt calling police wasn't enough and that victims should share their story so the violence will stop

"I will later on but right now  my thought is to get these criminals off the street that's why I'm putting this message out."