Woman released from jail after 17 months for throwing lye on father who later died, shares her story

Megan Imirowicz was released from the Oakland County jail this week after 17 months for an act that ultimately led to the death of her father, Konrad.

In June an Oakland County jury found her guilty in connection with the death of her father for throwing lye powder on him. The 19-year-old from Groveland Township was convicted of unlawful possession or use of harmful devices/irritants causing death and domestic violence.

Imirowicz says it’s a crime she says she did not commit.

"I know my truth and I know what happened and so does my dad, and that’s what matters," said Megan Imirowicz.

FOX 2: "The prosecutor alleged that you threw lye on your dad, and you say you did not?"

"They just want someone to blame," she said. "And nobody wanted to ever believe that my dad could hurt himself or that anybody else could hurt him."

Imirowicz could have faced life in prison but received a year in prison with credit for time served and five years of probation.

FOX 2 contacted the Oakland County Prosecutor’s Office and the following statement was released.

"This was not the sentence we advocated for, however the Judge ultimately decides what sentence will be imposed."

Watch the full interview with Ingrid Kelley to learn about Imirowicz's side of the story and her unlikely friendship with Jennifer Crumbley in prison - the mother of the Oxford High School mass shooter, Ethan.


Daughter found guilty after throwing lye powder on father, killing him

A jury found an Oakland County woman guilty in connection with the death of her father after she threw lye powder on him.

FOX 2 received this statement from the Sixth Judicial Circuit Court:

"Judges consider all the information available to them when crafting a sentence.  This includes information that is not available to the public. A lot of thought and consideration goes into crafting an individualized sentence by a judge. The Imirowicz sentence illustrates this process.  The Defendant served 506 days in jail. She was placed on probation for 5 years with extensive conditions including a tether.  (Judge Victoria Valentine’s) sentence offers the Defendant the opportunity to demonstrate that she can change and be rehabilitated rather than sentencing her to prison for a term of years.  If Defendant does not comply with the terms of the sentence, she will appear before the Court for review."

Richard Lynch
Sixth Judicial Circuit
Court Administrator

Megan Imirowicz

Megan Imirowicz