Woman runs down boyfriend after suspected domestic violence incident

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A bizarre case unfolding in Detroit where police say a woman ran over her boyfriend with a car after he allegedly hit her.

It was around 9 a.m. Monday when Marcus Ball says his mother gave him some dreadful news.

"She told me he hit her in face and she was going to jail because she hit him with the car," said Marcus Ball. "I'm like, this is some crazy stuff."

Witnesses say the woman hit a man with her SUV at the corner of Terrell and House. She knocked down the fence to the vacant house then left the scene with skid marks covering the road.

"Our victim about 32 years old was walking to the store when his girlfriend, described as about 40 years old, saw him walking down the street and ran him down with the car," Sgt. Michael Woody said. "There is apparently some type of domestic violence situation going on there. It has been going on for some time. We are investigating what took place and what (led) her to this particular incident."

Police say the man was taken to a local hospital and will survive his injuries. Ball says the man has been dating his mother for about a year.

"I hear arguing back and forth," Ball said. "And I don't like it."

Police arrested her and now her son says he just hopes his mom is able to overcome this.

"I hope you'll be alright mom, I just want you to be okay," Ball said.

Ball says he wants people to know his mother is a good person raising three kids. He said the family goes to church often and this incident is not a testament of who she is.

"She's not a bad person," he said.